Power MOSFET Design Equations

here are only few power MOSFET design equations to take note when doing design involving this electronic part. You may try deriving these equations if you want a better understanding on how these formulated. These are also given in application notes and some technical blogs but maybe in different form but will result to the same calculation results.

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Inverter Aircon Savings

Inverter Aircon Can and Cannot Save Money

Advertisers said that end user can save up to 50% of their electric bill compared to the conventional or non-inverter aircon. Is this true? Well, let us talk about it, so keep reading. I actually say that inverter aircon can and cannot save money. Inverter aircon is a new technology; actually, not anymore very new as of this writing but there is no other technology so far newer than this in air conditioning world.

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EV Charging Basic Things

EV Charging Basic Things and Information You Need to Know

Nowadays electric vehicles are gaining popularity in the US, Canada, Europe and in few countries in Asia. There are several EV charger makers also nowadays who support the EV industries like BTC Power, ABB and Tesla to name few who are recently on the spotlight of being few of the biggest EV charger maker in the world. This article is perfect if you are looking forward to learning about EV charging basic things. We are going to tackle here about EVSE, the EV itself, how the EV and EVSE talk to each other, the protocols, connectors and so on. By knowing this EV charging basic thing, we will be prepared to the EV future!

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