Important MOSFET Design Parameter

Important MOSFET Design Parameter to Consider

The important MOSFET design parameter to consider during circuit design are gate threshold voltage, on-state resistance, current stress, voltage stress, power stress and thermal stress. Threshold voltage refers to the gate to source voltage requirement for the MOSFET to turn on. On-state resistance is the equivalent resistance between drain to source when the MOSFET is on. Current stress is related

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MOSFET and BJT Comparison

Two of the most common three terminal semiconductor nowadays are MOSFET and BJT. MOSFET is metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor. It is a variant of FET. BJT on the other hand is bipolar junction transistor. It is worth to discuss MOSFET and BJT comparison to understand which part to use. Read below comparisons. 1. Application of MOSFET and BJT

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Buck converter circuit explained

Buck Converter Design Tutorial

Buck Converter Basic Function Before going to buck converter design tutorial, we will discuss first how buck converter works in order to fully understand the following tutorial. A buck converter is a switching converter with a voltage output lower than voltage input. It is also called as a step-down switching converter. A buck converter has only four main parts. They

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Power MOSFET Design Equations

here are only few power MOSFET design equations to take note when doing design involving this electronic part. You may try deriving these equations if you want a better understanding on how these formulated. These are also given in application notes and some technical blogs but maybe in different form but will result to the same calculation results.

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Snubber Circuit Design Analysis

What is a Snubber? Snubber is a form of circuit protection against voltage spikes, ringing and oscillation effects. Snubber works by either clamping voltage spikes but not altering the ringing frequency or does the same function. Snubber Circuit Design is one of the complex tasks in circuit design. It needs a deep knowledge on circuit’s foundations to design a good

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