How Much Savings on Inverter Refrigerator compared to Traditional Refrigerator?

You are maybe one of the individuals who are asking how much savings on inverter refrigerator. Inverter refrigerator technology is getting popularity nowadays. What is the difference between it and the traditional refrigerator? How much saving to expect by choosing the inverter type? How long to get the return of investment in using the inverter one? Let us answer all

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MOSFET and BJT Comparison

Two of the most common three terminal semiconductor nowadays are MOSFET and BJT. MOSFET is metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor. It is a variant of FET. BJT on the other hand is bipolar junction transistor. It is worth to discuss MOSFET and BJT comparison to understand which part to use. Read below comparisons. 1. Application of MOSFET and BJT

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How to Drive a Relay with a MOSFET

It is very common application to drive a relay with a MOSFET. From household applications to automotive are using this circuit. There are some aspects to consider like the stress on the MOSFET, the level of driving voltage to guarantee MOSFET saturation, the level of the actual voltage applied to the relay coil if enough to meet the requirement and

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Buck converter circuit explained

Buck Converter Design Tutorial

Buck Converter Basic Function Before going to buck converter design tutorial, we will discuss first how buck converter works in order to fully understand the following tutorial. A buck converter is a switching converter with a voltage output lower than voltage input. It is also called as a step-down switching converter. A buck converter has only four main parts. They

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How to Select Battery Charger

There are few considerations that need to be taken cared of on how to select battery charger. They are: Type of battery to chargeAmpere-hour rating of the batteryVoltage ratingMaximum charging currentFeatures wantedMechanical aspectsGrid voltageCost How to Select Battery Charger Explained Type of Battery to Charge Maybe the first thing you keep in mind on how to select battery charger is

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Diode Troubleshooting

How to Know a Defective Diode

Diode is a two terminal semiconductor device. One terminal is called the anode while the other terminal is cathode. Anode needs a high potential while cathode needs a lower potential level for the diode to be forward biased. The term forward biased means the diode terminals are supplied with the right voltage level. When the diode is not supplied by

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Transistor Basic Circuit

How to Know if a Transistor Defective

Transistor is an active electronic part. An active electronic part is something can perform amplifications or signal processing. Transistors are basic elements on power amplifiers, audio amplifiers, switching converters, power supplies and so on. A transistor term is somewhat generic. It could be a BJT, MOSFET of JFET. But for common people (electronic hobbyist), it is commonly referring to a

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How to Know if a Relay Defective

Relay is an electromechanical part though nowadays there is already a so-called solid-state relay. An electromechanical means a combination of electrical and mechanical actions or functions. For hobbyist, it is important how to know if a relay defective. But before going to that, let us discuss the basics of a relay for better understanding. As mentioned above, a relay is

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