How Much Money Saved by Using LED Lights

LED lighting is gaining popularity from consumers nowadays. But wait; how much money saved by using LED lights? Since the discovery of incandescent lamp by Sir Thomas Edison, lighting is evolving. Fluorescent lamps or any lamps derived from it are gaining popularity because of its white light that is more eyes friendly and with lesser energy consumption. To date, LED lighting is a rising contender for consumer top choice. How much money saved from buying LED lights.

In Table 1 below, the illumination of the three lighting contenders with respect to power consumption is tabulated. From the table, it is evident that the lowest power consumption per specific illumination is the LED light. Followed by compact fluorescent or CFL and the last is the incandescent lamp.

LED Illumination Versus Power Consumption
Table 1

In a typical office or house, the usual light intensity is 800 lumens. At this illumination level, LED light has 6-8 Watts consumption only. 13-15 watts consumption for compact fluorescent and 60 Watts for incandescent lamp. Supposing there are 100 light bulbs in an office and working for 24 hours a day, the total energy consumption and cost in 5 years for the individual light category are

LED Light

Eq 1

Assuming the cost per kWHr is 0.15$US, the 5 year cost is

Eq 2

Compact Fluorescent, CFL

Eq 3

Eq 4

Incandescent Lamps

Eq 5

Eq 6

Based from the computation above, LED light only cost about half of the compact fluorescent and more than 7 times below that of incandescent lamp. Thus no doubt in terms of 5-year energy consumption LED is the most preferred to use.

The incandescent lamp is automatically out of the argument. In terms of unit price, is it worth to choose LED? Is using LED lights save money? Let us evaluate the price comparison of these lamps.

For LED wattage of 6-8W, you can buy around 12$US. For 13-15W compact fluorescent or CFL you can get for 3$US approximately while around 1.5$US for incandescent lamp.

LED Lifespan
Table 2

For a five year period, the total purchase price considering 100 lamp sockets per category will be

LED Light

The lifespan of LED is 50,000 Hrs based from above table, so for a period of 5 years there is only one time purchase.

Eq 7

Compact Fluorescent, CFL

For CFL, the lifespan is only 10,000 hours. 10,000 hours is only a year of continuous operation. So for a period of 5 years, you need to purchase 5 times.

Eq 8

Incandescent Lamp

The lifespan of an incandescent lamp is only 1200 hours. So for a five year operation, need to purchase around 42 times.

Eq 9

Based from the above computations for a 5-year period, incandescent lamp is very costly. LED cost is slightly lower than the cost of CFL lamp.

LED Savings Over Other Lamps
Table 3


LED lighting has the highest unit price. Its price is normally 4 times the price of equivalent CFL and around 8 times higher than incandescent lamp with same illumination. However, the life span of LED is 5 times higher than CFL and 42 times longer than incandescent. In a period of 5 years, you will buy only one time for LED while 5 times for CFL and 42 times for incandescent. This results to a higher savings on the part of LED.

The most important of all, the energy cost of LED is only half that of CFL and more than 7 times lower than incandescent. How much money saved by using LED lights?…Absolutely it’s huge compare to the conventional incandescent lamp. Is it worth buying LED lights? Is using LED Lights Save Money? Absolutely yes!


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