43 Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption and Save Money from Monthly Bill

Reduce Energy Consumption and Save Money from Monthly Bill

In our individual household we can reduce energy consumption and save money from our monthly bill by just doing simple things. You don’t need to buy power savers and etc. All you need to do is pay attention to the small things that are overlooked most of the times. From you’re your kitchen to your bedroom; significant energy reduction will be realized once you execute the following tips.

Top 25 Appliances that need to Unplug to Decrease Electric Bill

Putting electronic products in standby mode will still consume power. That is why the term vampire electronics has been coined. Even you do not turn on your electronic devices (in standby or sleep mode only) it is still sucking power from your wall outlet. According to the data gathered by ENERGY STAR, electronic products that are left in the standby mode account for more than 100 billion kiloWattHours energy consumption in the United Sates. This is costing to more than $10 billion every year. This means too much wasted energy that instead we can use for other purposes.
According to a conducted study, there are 25 electronic products that when unplug from the wall outlet will immediately give savings in the monthly electric bill. If you have these devices at home, you better give it a try.

  1. Television
  2. DVD Players
  3. VCRs
  4. Stereo and Radio
  5. Cable Boxes
  6. Video Game Console
  7. Desktop Computers
  8. Computer Monitors
  9. Laptop PC
  10. Printers
  11. Scanners and Photocopiers
  12. Wireless Routers
  13. Fax Machines
  14. Lamps
  15. Toasters
  16. Microwave Ovens
  17. Coffee makers
  18. Clothes Washers
  19. Clothes Dryers
  20. Answering Machines
  21. Cordless Phones
  22. Phone Chargers
  23. Battery Chargers
  24. Other Chargers
  25. Electric powered alarm clock


Reduce Energy Consumption and Save Money from Monthly Bill by Saving Power from Your Kitchen

What do you think the part of your house is consuming more power? It depends, maybe. However most of the times we did not realize that our kitchen is a top contender. Below are the simple tips that matter in reducing your kitchen energy consumption.

1. Invest to High Efficient Refrigerator

According to study, choosing an ENERGY STAR refrigerator could save around $165 in a 5-year period.

2. Adjust the Temperature of your Refrigerator and Freezer

The recommended temperature setting of your refrigerator must be within 36-38 degrees F. For the freezer, the temperature setting must be within 0-5 degrees F. Do not place your refrigerator near stoves and burners. Avoid also putting it in a direct sunlight. Another thing, do not open the refrigerator too often; if you can get all the ingredients at one time, much better.

3. Verify if the refrigerator and freezer door has no leak

Sometimes we do not know that our refrigerator and freezer doors are already leaky. Leaky gasket will allow cold air to come out and you cannot make the most of your temperature setting.

4. Always close the refrigerator door to avoid cold air to go out

Be sure to always close the refrigerator and freezer door. Sometimes it is left partially closed only especially if you have kids at home.

5. Defrost the freezer at least two to three times a year

Too much ice build ups may increase the power needed to keep the refrigerator into its set temperature.

6. Clean the refrigerator coils at least once every two months

Dust and dirt in the coil may affect the performance and cause the refrigerator to consume more power

7. Do not open your oven when it is still cooking

If you do so, heat will come outside and as a result the oven will consume more power to finish cooking

8. As much as possible cook all the food you want for a meal at once

Using microwave oven anytime you cook your food is not a good practice as well. If you can cook your morning snack together with your breakfast, do it.

9. Use your microwave for instant foods instead of oven

Microwave consume lesser power than ovens usually.

10. Use lids on pots and pans

The food will cook more quickly.  Make sure your pots and pans match the size of the stove burners to avoid wasting heat.

11. Turn off and unplug all kitchen appliances after use


Save More Money from your Electric Bill by Doing These Simple Tips

  1. Use the ceiling fan instead of the air conditioner in the days that the temperature is not that hot.
  2. Clean the filter of your aircon every month. Dust and dirt will degrade the cooling and air quality resulting to a higher setting.
  3. Use a curtain that has ability to block sun light so that you don’t need to increase the setting of your aircon.
  4. Turn down or off your air conditioner if there is no one at home
  5. Hang and dry your clothes under the sun or just outside your house instead of using a dryer.
  6. When you leave your house, do not forget to turn off the lights.
  7. Make a habit to unplug all the appliances after using them.

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