The 7 Top Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Jobs

Many people said “love your company” while I’ll say don’t love your company but love your job and profession. No one is indispensable based on my actual observation; regardless if you are a staff, a lead man, a manager, a director, the decision is belong to them to keep you or not in the company.

That’s why love your profession and be passionate on what you’re doing for these are the keys for your success, even if you’ll be dispensed by your company, job is not a problem.

Staying from one company has advantages and disadvantages. However many people opt to move from one company to another. Below are the 7 top reasons why employees leave their jobs.

7. There is No More Challenge Doing Familiar Routine

Working with same setup, environment, task and process often times possess boredom. You are no longer excited to wake up in the morning and go to work because what’s waiting for you is a routine. Your knowledge is only confined to one area.

6. Exposure to Different Working Environment is Self Fulfilling

Dealing with different people, different employees and different buddies will give you new ideas and point of views. These new ideas are sometimes what an individual need to come up with a good plan for the years to come. Different environment may foster your hidden skill and specialty that is dormant in the old environment.

5. Your Capability is not Maximize

Working in a routine job will not maximize your full potential at all. You graduated with honors but you’re only using part of your capability and intellect, it’s not a good idea! Immortality in your chosen profession will not be realized if you’re not working at the fullest.

4. Feeling Undervalue

Some employees feel that they are not valuable in the organization for some reasons such as ignoring their ideas or suggestions, not given compliment for the good works, being harassed by bosses in whatever means, forcing to work overtime and their social lives are affected and etc.

3. Other Company Has Better Long Term Benefit Plan

Some employees are not only seeing the salary but also the long term benefit. Some companies are offering a very good long term benefit that really attracts employees. These include pension plans, retirement plans, non-traditional bonuses, profit sharing, better health care and insurance plan and many more.

2. Promotion is Slow While Staying in a Single Company

Did you heard of someone that is promoted year by year? Maybe there are few! But the usual thing is that promotion is happening only when you did a very relevant and life changing output. There are also so called mandatory promotions wherein you need to be lifted to another level to fit your salary range to another bracket and this is the usual promotion. Mandatory promotion takes some time. Imagine if you are only got promoted once every 5 years, will this worth waiting for? When you move to another company with matching knowledge and capability requirement do you have, you’ll be by default one level above from your existing status or even higher.

1. Moving From One Company to Another will Increase Market Value Faster

For a five-year stay in a company, you are lucky enough if you got a total of 30-40% increase from your hiring salary. The usual annual salary increase is less than 10%. When recession comes even you cannot receive a salary increase. Some bosses promote an employee during recession in order to give only a slight percentage increase (this is the strategy of some). However, if you have the skills and decide to move to another company, you can get up to 50% (or even higher) increase from your existing salary. Many employees are moving from one company to another because of this top 1 reason; a higher salary increase.

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