how to select a diode

How to Select a Diode for Circuit Design

Diode has many uses. It could be as a rectifier, a reverse blocking device, a component in a switching converter or in a switching power supply and so on. Regardless, what application it is, they are the same parameters to consider. These parameters are all given in the diode datasheet. If you are looking for guidance on how to select

how to derive IGBT power losses

How to Derive IGBT Power Losses

IGBT has two types of losses. One is conduction and the other one is switching. Conduction loss is due to the voltage drop between collector and emitter times the collector current. On the other hand, switching losses is due to the dynamic parameters of the IGBT. If you are looking for an explanation on how to derive IGBT power losses,


How to Derive LLC Converter AC Circuit

If you are asking how to derive LLC converter AC circuit, this article is perfect for you. The derivation is based on the first harmonic approximation (FHA). FHA is popular method in deriving AC circuit like those of an LLC which only considering the fundamental signal of a square wave. In this article I will give you some insights in