How Much Savings on Inverter Aircon?

Is it a lot of money to save when using an inverter aircon? Is it practical to invest in this high priced aircon? How much savings on inverter aircon in reality? These are just few questions the consumer may interested to know the answer from the experts. Well, I am not an expert, but I will share to you what

Inverter Aircon Savings

Inverter Aircon Can and Cannot Save Money

Advertisers said that end user can save up to 50% of their electric bill compared to the conventional or non-inverter aircon. Is this true? Well, let us talk about it, so keep reading. I actually say that inverter aircon can and cannot save money. Inverter aircon is a new technology; actually, not anymore very new as of this writing but there is no other technology so far newer than this in air conditioning world.


Electricity Saving Box Scam Revealed

With very convincing demos and promising very huge savings in the monthly bill are the most often point of sales of these advertisers. But let us uncover the reality of this electricity saving box scam. Electricity saving box or energy saving box or a.k.a power saver that plugged to the wall outlets (as simple as that) is a real scam.