mosfet selection for buck converter

MOSFET Selection for Buck Converter

Buck converter can be synchronous or non-synchronous type. The former uses a MOSFET (or BJT, IGBT) in place of the buck diode. Basically, there are two switches in synchronous type. On the other hand, the latter uses a switch and a diode combination. This is simpler and cheaper than the former since there is only a single MOSFET to control.

how to select a buck converter diode

How to Select a Buck Converter Diode

Diode is very important integral part of a buck converter. It is very popular than using a switch in the same location. A diode does not need a control mechanism while a switch needs. A diode is cheaper than a switch considering there is an added control mechanism. Here are the guides on how to select a buck converter diode.

Buck converter circuit explained

Buck Converter Design Tutorial

Buck Converter Basic Function Before going to buck converter design tutorial, we will discuss first how buck converter works in order to fully understand the following tutorial. A buck converter is a switching converter with a voltage output lower than voltage input. It is also called as a step-down switching converter A buck converter has only four main parts. They


Buck Converter Duty Cycle Derivation

In this article I will share to you the methods I used in buck converter duty cycle derivation. We will consider the ideal and the real scenarios. In ideal buck converter duty cycle derivation, you don’t need to consider the voltage drops of the switching element and catch diode. On the other hand, in real buck converter duty cycle derivation,