Synchronous Buck Converter Excel Design Template

Buck converter design is never easy. There are lots to consider ensuring a robust design. The components must be selected well and ensure sufficient design margins. However, this is difficult no more with the use of this synchronous buck converter excel design template. This design template is made in excel format. Thus everyone can use this. This is very handy

Voltage Divider Bias Design Template

BJT Voltage Divider Bias Design Template

BJT Voltage Divider Bias Design Template – Mathcad This design template comes in two formats. First is in Mathcad and the second one is in excel. The equations are derived in Mathcad. This is all you need to design such circuit. No need to go back to basics and perform research again on how to derive equations. It is all


Quasi Resonant Flyback Design Tool – Automated and Hassle Free

Are planning to design your own QR flyback? This Quasi Resonant Flyback Design Tool will help you do the job effortlessly. All you need to do is to download the tool on the lowest part of this page. Also ensure that you have Mathcad 14 on your PC to open the file. Try search online if lower versions or higher versions of Mathcad can read Mathcad 14 if you don’t have the 14 version. Below are the top-level explanations to every step on this quasi resonant flyback design tool

Quasi Resonant Flyback Operation Checker and Design Tool

Quasi Resonant Flyback Operation Checker and Design Tool – Excel

The operation of a quasi resonant converter is dependent to the primary inductance of the transformer, stray capacitance of the circuit (mostly on the primary switch), reflected voltage to the primary winding during flyback action, turns ratio of the transformer, and the given voltages like input voltage, output voltage, output power and intended frequency of operation.
For a beginner or not technical person, these are too much to handle. It will take time even for a technician or an inexperienced engineer to digest all these. However, you don’t need to extend extra effort anymore. There is already a Quasi resonant flyback operation checker and design tool available.