Transformer Model in LTSpice – Step by Step Guide

I love LTSpice due to its very easy interface and very handy. It has several built-in models that can be used. For ICs, it has many parts available to be used in simulation although most of it is manufactured by Linear Technology (the maker of LTSpice). For beginners and newbie to LTspice, I suggest you visit the tutorial LTSpice Circuit Simulation

LTspice circuit simulation tutorials for beginners

LTSpice Circuit Simulation Tutorials for Beginners

“What is the best free circuit simulation software?” The answer is here. As a solid user of this circuit simulation software, I introduce this to you; LTSpice. “How to Use LTSpice?” “How to Start Simulation in LTSpice?” So many questions in mind, we will answer all these. In this article I will teach LTspice circuit simulation tutorials for beginners. Advanced

llc converter gain-frequency curve

LLC Converter Gain-Frequency Curve

The gain-frequency curve of an LLC resonant converter is a graphical guide displaying both the gain and operating frequency. At resonance frequency, the gain is certain to be unity. However, at above or below the resonance, the gain is no longer unity. In this article we will cover how LLC converter gain-frequency curve works or how to interpret it and