how to select a diode

How to Select a Diode for Circuit Design

Diode has many uses. It could be as a rectifier, a reverse blocking device, a component in a switching converter or in a switching power supply and so on. Regardless, what application it is, they are the same parameters to consider. These parameters are all given in the diode datasheet. If you are looking for guidance on how to select


BJT Voltage Divider Bias Design Template

BJT Voltage Divider Bias Design Template – Mathcad This design template comes in two formats. First is in Mathcad and the second one is in excel. The equations are derived in Mathcad. This is all you need to design such circuit. No need to go back to basics and perform research again on how to derive equations. It is all

Transistor Basic Circuit

How to Know if a Transistor Defective

Transistor is an active electronic part. An active electronic part is something can perform amplifications or signal processing. Transistors are basic elements on power amplifiers, audio amplifiers, switching converters, power supplies and so on. A transistor term is somewhat generic. It could be a BJT, MOSFET of JFET. But for common people (electronic hobbyist), it is commonly referring to a



Surge protection circuit is the one referred by many as protector for voltage spikes in AC grid lines; however it is not limited particularly in AC grid lines. Surge protector or surge protection device is a device that will provide surge suppression or voltage spike suppression so that sensitive devices will not get damage. Surge protector can handle voltage spikes

NPN Transistor applications and uses

NPN Transistor Principles and Practical Uses

Basic NPN Transistor Principles Universities are covering this topic very well but despite I still attempt to discuss NPN transistor principles that I think easier to understand for non technical people. NPN transistor is the name given to a bipolar junction transistor with two N type materials or negative carriers while there is only one P type material or positive


How to know if a Transistor is Saturated?

There are several ways how to know if a transistor is saturated or not. It is very important that if you design a transistor to function as a switch that it should operate in the saturation and cutoff. Operation at cutoff is simply interrupting the bias of the transistor. However operating at saturation is not that easy. You need to


How to Analyze Optocoupler in Feedback System

One of the usual applications of optocoupler is to provide isolation between two ground reference. That is why it is often seen in power supply feedback circuit. How to analyze optocoupler in feedback system is to discussed in this article. Keep on reading below. How to analyze optocoupler in feedback system is not as difficult as you think. However, the lack