mosfet reverse battery protection

MOSFET Reverse Battery Protection

You may not know how to use MOSFET as reverse battery protection. The most common method is using a diode. However, diode voltage drop is high and this will creat issue in low voltage circuits. That is the reason many use MOSFET as reverse battery protection due to its very low on state voltage drop.


Power MOSFET Design Equations

here are only few power MOSFET design equations to take note when doing design involving this electronic part. You may try deriving these equations if you want a better understanding on how these formulated. These are also given in application notes and some technical blogs but maybe in different form but will result to the same calculation results.

MOSFET and BJT Comparisson

MOSFET Advantages Over BJT in Switching Converters

Way back several years ago, power supply designers and engineers are continuously searching for innovation. Long time ago what is available is only the linear type power supply. A linear power supply will consume a lot of power in order to provide regulation. This huge power consumption sacrifices the efficiency of the power supply. Try to imagine if you are


Designing MOSFET Switch – Comprehensive

MOSFET is not well discussed in the undergrads; much more how to designing MOSFET switch. MOSFET stands for metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor. Actually it is easier than BJT if we are talking a switch circuit. Nowadays MOSFET is very popular in circuit designs. Such in automotive, power supply and general electronics as a low side and high side