boost converter design template

Boost Converter Design Template Mathcad

Are you striving to study boost converter? Don’t waste time anymore. There is a boost converter design template. Manual calculations are so tiring and lot of point of entry of errors. However this design template is automated and hassle free. All you need to do is to provide the inputs.

You can use this boost converter design template for a synchronous and non-synchronous operation. The template is very easy to use as there are notes and explanations in details.

Requirements for this Boost Converter Design Template:

This design template is made in Mathcad 14. You can open this using higher versions of Mathcad as well. Mathcad will not require huge computer RAM so there is no need to invest in a luxury PC.

The template is based on the circuit diagram above. For synchronous boost converter, D1 could be replaced with a switch. No need to redo the template though. Whatever values computed for the D1 will be be the values for the replacement switch.

Parameters Covered in this Boost Converter Design Template 

There are 4 main components of the power path of a boost converter. These are the switch, diode, inductor and output capacitor.

1. Switch Q1

For the switch, the peak and RMS currents are computed. The drain voltage, power losses; both conduction and switching are also computed. Thermal consideration is also in the design template.

2. Catch diode

The parameters covered for the diode are peak and RMS current, peak reverse voltage, power losses and thermal consideration.

3. Inductor (L1)

The RMS and saturation currents of the inductor are computed. The power losses and the ripple current are also in the template.

4. Output Capacitor (C1)

For the output capacitor, RMS ripple current, output ripple voltage and voltage stress are considered.

This template also shows calculations for thermals, calculations and estimations of efficiency and as well as determination whether the converter operates in DCM or CCM mode.

Boost Converter Design Template Derivation of Equations

The template shows how the equations are being derived. So, if you want to check the credibility of this boost converter design template, you can check the derivations and compared it to your other resources. Below are few snapshots on how the derivations look like.

Design Template is Proven

This design template has been proven many times. All calculated results are matching with simulations and very close to actual values measured from an actual circuit. I used this template in all the boost converter I designed and released to the market.

Once you have downloaded this boost converter design template and you have questions, feel free to contact and I will response. The design template is made from Mathcad so you need to have this software. You can edit, add or delete to this template as the fields unlocked.