Tiny 5V 2A DCDC

This is a 5V 2A DCDC that can accept input voltage up to 28V. This tiny 5V 2A DCDC will fit in a small space as its form factor is relatively small. The controller is from Texas instruments that is packed in an SOT-23-6. It has built in synchronous MOSFETs and has very high efficiency. The controller operates in high switching frequency so all SMD components are possible.

What You Can Get in Downloading this Tiny 5V 2A DCDC?

1. Complete BOM

Once you download, there is a complete bill of materials inside. Below is a snap shot but with hidden manufacturing part numbers. The parts are all available in Mouser and Digikey.


2. Complete Design Files in Altium

Once you download, you will get complete design files in Altium. It includes the schematic and PCB layout. You can get all the libraries used as well. So, if you want to integrate this design to another design, you can simply copy the schematic parts and the libraries.

5V 2A DCDC Schematic



3. Complete Gerber Files

The gerber file is ready for PCB fabrication. All you need to do is to send it to a PCB manufacturer. Below are the gerber files. Not all of them are needed, but no need to segregate them, just give the entire folder to the supplier and they will know what to do already.

5V 2A DCDC Gerber


You can modify the design according to your need. For example you want a new PCB shape or you add a connector, etc…The fact that you will get the complete Altium design files, there is no problem in doing so. This design is already proven working very good in actual.