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Relay Kickback Voltage Analysis

Analyze kickback voltage on relay, derive working equations and perform simulation

Download the PDF file here.



Boost Converter Component Selection Template


1. Duty cycle of the converter (ideal or non-ideal)

2. Value of the inductance needed

3. The boundary between CCM and DCM (Imin in the wave form)

4. Peak current of the diode, MOSFET and the inductor

5. RMS and DC current of the diode

6. RMS and DC current of the MOSFET

7. Maximum voltage seen by the diode

8. Maximum voltage seen by the MOSFET

9. RMS and DC current of the inductor

Under part 5 “Component Selection” section, the following suggestions are provided:

1. The right MOSFET voltage rating for the design

2. The right MOSFET DC or RMS current for the design

3. The maximum current rating a MOSFET must have to match the design

4. It advises the right diode current rating (DC, RMS, Peak)

5. It advises the right diode voltage rating (PIV)

6. It advises the proper or the right core material to use

7. It advises the minimum number of turns for the inductor to prevent saturation

8. It advises the right size of the wire to use in the inductor

9. It will also advises the value of the output capacitance and its voltage rating

Download the file here.


NPN Biasing Tool and Checker

This is a design template in excel. Applicable to both linear and switch operation. Goodbye to manual and long calculations. Very useful for design engineers that do not want to do simulation. Also very useful to students to check their home works if they made it correctly.

Download the template here.

Complete Tutorials on How to Use MOSFET RDSon in the Datasheet

Download here.

Heat Sink Design and Thermal Resistance Tutorials

Download File Here


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